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Share this with someone who has breast cancer!

Know someone who has breast cancer? Here’s something you can share with them to help them nurture themselves.

Did you know that the mental and emotional cause for breast cancer is said to be an imbalance regarding our ability to nurture ourselves?

Specifically, cancer in the right breast is said to be about giving too much to others and not enough to ourselves.

Cancer in the left breast is said to be about an inability to accept nurturance from others.

Before I go any further, let me tell you why I am even writing you about this – and under a new brand name by the way.

Let’s quickly address the new brand first: ShineTrue. My mission is to help individuals who want to make a contribution in this life time, live the life they want to live so they can light up the world, being who they are, doing what they love. More on this another day.

Of course, I wanted everything to be “perfect” before launching ShineTrue – and then the universe intervened, and I felt inspired to write about this topic of breast cancer… A topic as close to my heart as any given my mum died of breast cancer aged 50, when I was 16.

While the focus of my work isn’t health as such, nothing is more important than our wellbeing. It is THE ultimate foundation for us to be able to shine true. To serve others with our innate gifts.

So, what’s got me writing about breast cancer?

Last week a friend of mine reached out and shared that her breast cancer had returned (after less than two years in remission). It’s been caught in the very early stages. Her emotional strength is second to none and I am inspired by how beautifully she is managing this recurring challenge.

As we were talking, I shared the mental and emotional meaning as laid out above: that breast cancer is said to be either about giving too much to other and not enough to ourselves (right breast; as is the case for her) or not allowing ourselves to receive nurturance from others (left breast). My friend actually laughed and went “Yup, that describes me to a T”. She went on to share how she does everything for everyone else, be it in the family or at work.

Incidentally, as these things haven a habit of happening, within two hours of that conversation, another friend sent me a video clip about how women feel they “need to be perfect” as business women, as mothers etc. In that clip (minute 40:40; question #11 for those who want to check it out), Gary Vee talks about how we are all (not just mothers) our own worst judge. That rang true. It is my belief, and own experience, that in fact it is this judgement of ourselves that keeps us from accepting nurturance from others and leads us to give more than our energetic reserves would naturally allow.

Would you - or anyone you know - benefit from nurturing themselves more?

Towards the end of the conversation with my friend, she asked if I had any tools that could help. It got me thinking and I realised, actually, I do. I have increasingly been using chakra and energy healing in my work.

I felt inspired to compile this meditation and affirmation specifically for my friend. And then it occurred to me – all women out there should have this.

So, instead of waiting for my new website to be completely done, I am sending this for the first time under my new brand because, actually, that’s the whole point of this post: let’s not put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. My website is a work in progress. And, honestly, who cares! There is something much bigger at hand here: enabling women to shine true.

What's more important than your - and your loved ones - health?

Nothing! Nothing is more important than our health. A very close friend of mine is currently battling a number of health issues and so I am experiencing first-hand how impossible it is to shine brightly for others when we don’t feel physically well in ourselves.

As women, we often strive to serve everyone else, forgetting ourselves, when actually, it is only by looking after ourselves that we can serve others.

I invite you to gift this meditation and affirmation not just to any women you know who is looking to heal breast cancer but to every women you know who could do with nurturing herself more. Each and everyone of us deserves to be nurtured. Let’s help each other so that we can shine bright for ourselves, our families, friends, communities and the world.

Meditation to nurture ourselves

Affirmation for nurturing ourselves

I nurture myself. I am open to being nurtured. I release all resistance I've had in the past towards being fully nurtured. I now fully allow myself to be nurtured. By nurturing myself I am better able to serve others. I am grateful that I feel fully nurtured. I'm grateful that my body and mind are fully healthy and strong.

Note: Affirmations are most effective when used regularly. Try saying the whole affirmation out loud to yourself, ideally looking in the mirror, 3x a day for 7 days. Say it with as much belief and conviction as you can muster. Even if you feel disbelief at first, keep going with it and see how your feelings change as you keep repeating the statement.


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